Mobile and fixed Internet connections in Greece

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The subscribers of Vodafone enjoyed the best broadband performances in Greece during 2023.

The evaluation of performance metrics and nPerf scores is critical to understanding the quality of service delivered to users. This analysis delves into the performance of major Greek ISPs, focusing on download and upload bitrates, latency, and the overall nPerf score, which collectively paint a picture of the user experience.

Leading the pack: Vodafone tops the charts

Vodafone Greece emerges as the frontrunner in this analysis, boasting an impressive nPerf score of 96,515 points. This score reflects a robust service offering, characterized by competitive download and upload speeds of 44 Mb/s and 7 Mb/s, respectively, and an outstanding latency performance of 39 ms. Such metrics signify a superior user experience, especially for data-intensive activities like streaming high-definition content and engaging in seamless web browsing.

Nova: a robust contender

Nova holds its ground with consistent performance metrics, featuring download and upload speeds of 44 Mb/s and 7 Mb/s, respectively, closely mirroring those of Vodafone. With a latency at 51 ms, Nova achieves a nPerf score of 92,332 points. This score reflects Nova’s commitment to delivering a seamless internet experience, catering well to the needs of everyday browsing and streaming.

Cosmote: the speed champion

Cosmote showcases commendable performance with a download speed of 47 Mb/s and an upload speed of 8 Mb/s, the highest in this comparison. However, its higher latency of 56 ms, disqualify Cosmote to reach the top spot. Cosmote achieves a robust nPerf score of 92,100 points, very close to its direct competitor. With latency improvements, Cosmote could become a contender for the first place of our podium in 2024.


The analysis of Greek ISPs reveals a competitive landscape where Vodafone leads with the highest nPerf score, signifying its superior overall service quality. Cosmote and Nova follow closely, with each displaying strengths in specific areas such as download and upload speeds and latency, respectively.

The subscribers of Cosmote and Vodafone enjoyed the best mobile Internet performances in Greece during 2023.
The subscribers of Vodafone enjoyed the best 5G mobile connections in Greece during 2023.

In the dynamic landscape of Greece’s mobile internet services, two major Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Cosmote and Vodafone, stand out for their exemplary performance, showcasing a tight competition that reflects the high standards of connectivity in the region. This analysis delves into their performance metrics, highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement.

Cosmote and Vodafone – A Tie at the Top

Cosmote and Vodafone emerge as the frontrunners in the Greek mobile sector, showcasing an impressive tie in performance.

Cosmote, shines with stellar download speeds

Cosmote emerges as a robust competitor with impressive download bitrates averaging 171 Mb/s, setting a high benchmark for mobile internet speed. Despite Vodafone’s commendable performance, Cosmote’s superior download speed positions it as a preferred choice for heavy data users and streaming enthusiasts. Cosmote offers a respectable upload speed of 29 Mb/s and a latency of 54 ms, ensuring smooth uploads and responsive online interactions. With a web browsing score of 62% and a YouTube streaming score of 82%, Cosmote provides a reliable and enjoyable online experience, although there’s room for improvement in web browsing reliability. With an nPerf score of 89,034 nPoints, Cosmote demonstrates strong overall performance, underscoring its commitment to providing quality service.

Vodafone, excels with the lowest latency

Vodafone, matching Cosmote’s stride, showcases its strength with the lowest latency of 34 ms among the competitors, ensuring an exceptionally   responsive    and    seamless    internet    experience, particularly beneficial for online gaming and real-time applications. Vodafone offers competitive download and upload speeds of 114 Mb/s and 28 Mb/s, respectively, catering well to a broad range of online activities, from streaming to file sharing. Vodafone leads with a 66% web browsing score and an 86% YouTube streaming score, indicating a slightly more reliable browsing experience   than Cosmote. Vodafone’s nPerf score of 94,961 nPoints slightly edges out Cosmote, reflecting its balanced and efficient service delivery.

Nova, the streaming co-champion

Nova,   while   trailing   behind   the   market   leaders,   presents    a noteworthy analysis. With download speeds of 92 Mb/s and upload speeds of 22 Mb/s, Nova maintains a competitive stance in the data transmission domain. Its latency stands at 64 ms, slightly higher than its counterparts, which may affect real-time applications. The web browsing score is observed at 56%, indicating a relatively efficient browsing experience. Remarkably, Nova excels in YouTube streaming, with an 88% score, surpassing even Cosmote. This strength in streaming is a significant highlight for Nova, appealing to users with a penchant for video content. Despite these strengths, Nova’s overall nPerf score of 78,694 nPoints places it behind its competitors, suggesting areas for improvement in balancing various service aspects to enhance user satisfaction.

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