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Fixed Internet connections in Thailand

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The subscribers of True Online enjoyed the best broadband performances in Thailand during 2023.

True Online affirms its leadership position

True Online leads Thailand’s fixed internet market with a commanding nPerf score of 178,885. They boast the highest download speed at 370 Mb/s, paired with a robust upload speed of 288 Mb/s. Their latency stands at 12 ms, reflecting a highly responsive network.

FTTH: True Online’s also keeping its stronghold

In the FTTH category, True Online holds the top spot with a score of 189,600. They achieve a download speed of 509 Mbps and an upload speed of 401 Mbps, alongside a latency of 12 milliseconds. True Online’s performance in this segment underscores their focus on high-speed FTTH service.

3BB: consistent performance

3BB, ranked second in the overall market, shows consistent performance with an nPerf score of 170,511. They offer download speeds of 267 Mb/s and upload speeds of 187 Mb/s. Their latency of 12 ms underlines a stable and reliable service.

AIS: a clear competitive edge

AIS takes the third spot in the overall market. They offer competitive download and upload speeds of 266 Mb/s and 185 Mb/s, respectively, with a latency of 15 ms. Their strong performance, especially in download speed, makes them a notable player in the market.

NT: stable with room for improvement on FTTH

NT kept a steady performance over the year. Their network delivers download and upload speeds of 235 Mb/s and 194 Mb/s, respectively. With a latency of 15 ms, they provide a reliable internet experience. However, NT is slightly lagging behind competition on their FTTH network.

dtac: room for improvement

dtac, with a lower nPerf score of 84,476, has room for improvement. Their download and upload speeds are at 22 Mb/s and 7 Mb/s, respectively, and a higher latency of 41 ms indicates potential areas for network enhancement.

Conclusion and Outlook

The Thai fixed internet market, led by True Online, is characterized by strong competition and high-speed offerings, especially in the FTTH segment. Moving into 2024, we anticipate further advancements in FTTH deployments and enhancements in overall network performance across providers.

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