Barometer of mobile Internet connections in Slovakia

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The subscribers of Telekom enjoyed the best mobile Internet performances in Slovakia during 2023.

In Slovakia’s mobile broadband sector, the evaluation of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) through comprehensive metrics such as nPerf scores, download and upload bitrates, latency, and performance in web browsing and streaming is crucial. This analysis offers a detailed look at how the major ISPs stack up against each other, providing insights into their service quality and user experience.

Telekom: the front-runner in mobile broadband

Telekom stands out as the leading ISP in Slovakia’s mobile market on 4G and 5G network, delivering exceptional download speeds of 77.85 Mb/s and upload speeds of 22.88 Mb/s. Its low latency of 28.96 ms enhances the overall user experience, further supported by high web browsing scores of 74.02% and streaming performance of 87.69%. These impressive metrics contribute to Telekom’s top nPerf score of 97,116 nPoints, showcasing its superior service in the mobile broadband landscape.

Orange: a strong contender

With a strong download speed of 68.44 Mb/s and an upload speed of 16.65 Mb/s, Orange presents itself as a robust competitor. Its relatively low latency of 30.02 ms and solid web browsing and streaming scores of 72.58% and 83.45%, respectively, culminate in an nPerf score of 89,630 nPoints, indicating a high-quality service.

O2: Customer experience first

O2 is lagging behing its competitor in terms of speed with a download speed of 36.32 Mb/s and upload speed of 13.51 Mb/s. The ISP’s latency stands at 41.89 ms. But O2 is clearly focusing on user experience and its clients experience very competitive scores with web browsing and streaming scores of 71.10% and 84.50%, respectively. These metrics contribute to an nPerf score of 75,558 nPoints, reflecting a reliable service offering.

4ka: room for improvement

Despite trailing with lower download speeds of 31.64 Mb/s and upload speeds of 11.19 Mb/s, 4ka offers a noteworthy service. Its latency of 44.14 ms might be on the higher side, but its streaming score of 80.99% is commendable. However, its web browsing success rate of 57.61% could be a concern, leading to an overall nPerf score of 64,158 nPoints.


Telekom secures the top position in Slovakia’s mobile broadband market, thanks to its unmatched download and upload speeds, low latency, and superior performance in web browsing and streaming. Orange follows closely, offering competitive speeds and reliable service, while O2 and 4ka provide viable alternatives with their own set of strengths.

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