Focus on the ping (latency)

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The ping (also called latency) indicates the delay a small packet of data needs to make a round-trip from your device to a server. It describes how responsive your connection is – the time between sending information and receiving it. The shorter the delay, the most reactive your connection.

What is a good ping?

It measures in milliseconds (ms). Conducting a nPerf speed test is a free, quick, easy way to check how good (or bad) your ping is. A speed test measures the maximum speed of your connection – how fast your device can upload and download information – by accessing nearby servers.

  • An excellent, optimal Internet connection should have a ping less than 30 ms
  • Your ping is less than 60 ms: your connection is very good
  • Between 60 and 100 ms: it could be better
  • Over 100ms: your connection is a bit weak

The ping is quite important, especially if you often attend to videoconferences or if you play online video games. It is pretty difficult to understand each other during a videoconference if you receive the sound and the image few seconds later… It is not very fun to play at Fortnite when you take several seconds to shoot at your enemy (way too late).

Why is your ping too high?

Here are some reasons why your ping may be too high:

  • A shared connection: another person uses the same bandwidth to watch streaming or download files at the same time.
  • A non-optimized setup:  is your computer too far from your Internet box? You may need a Wi-Fi repeater (read our article).
  • Too many activities at once: if your ping is too high to have a good quality videoconference for instance, make sure you do not download files at the same time. Keep only one activity which floods the bandwidth.
  • Your Internet access: your Internet subscription may not allow you to benefit from a better connection quality.

Once again, we recommend you run a nPerf speed test. In fact, lots of Internet service providers claim to have theorical high speed delivered. The results of your speed test may then reveal a huge gap between your beliefs and your real connection performance.

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