Barometer of fixed Internet connections in Serbia

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The subscribers of SBB and Orion enjoyed the best fixed Internet performances in Serbia during 2023.

In Serbia’s dynamic fixed broadband market, the evaluation of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is essential to gauge service quality. The nPerf score, which factors in download and upload bitrates, latency, is particularly telling of the online user experience.

SBB: setting the standard in speed and reliability

SBB showcases its dominance with a top-tier download bitrate of 104 Mb/s, complemented by an upload bitrate of 24 Mb/s. The ISP’s standout feature is its latency of 29 ms, which is the best in the market, leading to a high nPerf score of 124,817 points. This is indicative of a superior user experience, especially for streaming and online gaming where low latency is crucial.

Orion: the close contender

Orion exhibits strong download and upload bitrates of 97 Mb/s and 60 Mb/s, respectively. Despite a marginally higher latency of 43 ms, the ISP still achieves an impressive nPerf score of 123,647, pointing to a robust service capable of supporting demanding online activities.

mts: solid and reliable

mts offers consistent download and upload bitrates of 53 Mb/s and 22 Mb/ s, respectively. With a latency of 40 ms and an nPerf score of 107,584, mts provides a reliable internet connection that caters well to standard household browsing and streaming needs.

Yettel: potential for growth

Yettel’s narrative could be “Yettel: Gearing Up for the Future,” reflecting its current standing. It delivers download and upload bitrates of 24 Mb/s and 14 Mb/s, respectively, with a higher latency of 63 ms. The nPerf score of 84,524 suggests there is significant room for improvement to meet the growing expectations of digital consumers.


The Serbian fixed broadband market is characterized by a competitive edge, with SBB leading the pack, closely followed by Orion. mts maintains a noteworthy position with its reliable service, while Yettel has opportunities for enhancement.

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