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T-Mobile has provided the fastest Internet connections

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Barometer of Mobile Internet Connections in the Netherlands – Year 2019

In 2019, nPerf users has made 8,177 connection tests in the Netherlands (including speed test, browsing test and streaming test) with the nPerf mobile app (iOS, Android).

*** T-Mobile provided the Best Mobile Internet Performance in 2019 in the Netherlands ***

T-Mobile is the winner of the following categories:

  • Best download speed with 60 Mb/s
  • Best upload speed with 15 Mb/s

During the last 12 months, T-Mobile has provided the fastest Internet connections on mobile networks in the Netherlands. With an average download speed of 60 Mb/s, T-Mobile is far ahead from its competitors, indeed, the second one is Vodafone with 45 Mb/s.

Same for the upload side.

T-Mobile is also joint winner on latencies, browsing and streaming performances.

On mobile networks, T-Mobile clearly makes the difference in 2019 but Vodafone is not far behind during the last quarter 2019! 

A great battle in perspective for 2020!

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