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nPerf Speed Test – Press release 22/04/2024

Barometers of fixed and mobile Internet connections in Kenya

01/04/2023 – 31/03/2024


The subscribers of Faiba enjoyed the best fixed Internet performances in Kenya during 2024.

All tests in this study were carried out in the nPerf’s free Internet speed test61,436 tests have been taken into account in Kenya between April 1, 2023 and March 31, 2024. Tests on Wi-Fi networks of the nPerf app have also been taken into account (available on Android and iOS).

The nPerf score takes into account the measured speeds and the latency. The value of the points for the rates and the latency is calculated on a logarithmic scale, to better represent the perception of the user. nPerf offers accurate data independent of Internet providers.

Telkom (33 Mb/s) has been identified as providing the fastest fixed download speeds in Kenya in 2024.

Download speed: Indicates the amount of data your connection can receive in one second from the nPerf server. The highest the measured value, the best is the speed of your connection.

Excellent Speed: download speeds greater than 25 Mb/s are classified as excellent, enabling activities such as 4K video streaming.

The subscribers of Zuku (39 ms) and Mawingu (41 ms) enjoy the best average broadband latencies in 2024.

The latency describes how responsive your connection is. Lower latency translates to more immediate interaction with content. Latency is measured in milliseconds (ms). 

Good Latency: 31-100 ms supports optimal Internet performance with minimal delay.

Streaming test: Safaricom (74.5%) provide the best streaming video experience in Kenya.

Excellent Streaming: A score between 75% and 100% indicates smooth video streaming.

The streaming test evaluates YouTube streaming quality by conducting assessments at three different resolutions: 360p (Standard Definition), 720p (High Definition), and 1080p (Full High Definition). The overall rating is derived from an average of these three tests, ensuring a comprehensive measure of streaming performance across varying levels of video quality.

Browsing test: Faiba (38%, equivalent to an average page load time of 6.2 seconds), Safaricom (37%) and Zuku (37%) emerged as the leading providers for web browsing. The test, designed to precisely gauge loading times, focuses on five of the most frequented websites in Kenya (YouTube is excluded from this test as it is subject of the streaming test). 


The fixed market in Kenya shows a dynamic range of performances with Faiba leading overall. Safaricom and Zuku provide strong alternatives with consistent services, especially in streaming capabilities. Telkom, despite its high speeds, shows variability that may affect user experience. Mawingu remains a viable option for those seeking basic services.


The subscribers of Safaricom enjoyed the best mobile Internet performances in Kenya during 2024

All tests were carried out in the nPerf Internet Speed Test app, available on Android and iOS.

A total of 12,595 tests of mobile Internet connections in Kenya have been taken into account in this analysis, between April 1, 2023 and March 31, 2024. 

Safaricom leads with robust performance across all metrics

Safaricom (22 Mb/s) has been identified as providing the fastest mobile download speeds in Kenya.

Safaricom’s streaming quality average score stands out at 77%, reflecting a high-quality user experience in video streaming services. 

Airtel: a strong contender

Airtel shows commendable performance with an average download speed of 17 Mb/s and an upload speed of 4 Mb/s. Their streaming results are also important with an average of 76%, which is comparable to the market leader, indicating Airtel’s capability to provide quality streaming experiences

International Comparison:
Kenya’s average mobile download speed (19 Mb/s) has surpassed the one in countries such as Nigeria (12 Mb/s), Egypt and Algeria (9 Mb/s), Cameroon (8 Mb/s) or the Democratic Republic of the Congo (7,5 Mb/s).


Kenyan mobile market shows a clear stratification with Safaricom leading, closely followed by Airtel mobile and Faiba in specific strengths, while Telkom lags significantly behind.

The nPerf barometers are based on thousands of tests carried out exclusively by the operators’ end-customers, making it one of the largest “crowdsourced” study in the country. These tests reflect the real experience of the general public in Kenya on the various Internet networks. The study employs a strong filtering method to reflect real customer experiences on a specific network (mobile or fixed line). Measures are taken to prevent probes and measurement robots from affecting the results.

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