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Beeline, the best fixed Internet in Kazakhstan

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Barometer of fixed Internet connections in Kazakhstan

H2 2021 – H1 2022

Beeline provided the best broadband Internet performances in Kazakhstan during the last two semesters.

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The nPerf score, expressed in nPoints, gives an overall picture of the quality of a connection. It takes into account the measured bitrates (2/3 Download + 1/3 Upload) and the latency. These values are calculated on a logarithmic scale to better represent the perception of the user.

The nPerf analysis  

This study is based on tests carried out by users of the nPerf web speed test.

Between July 1st, 2021 and June 30th, 2022 we counted in Kazakhstan 116.989 speed tests, distributed as follows:

Beeline is the champion of the Kazakh broadband Internet.

By leading all the main studied indicators, this provider obtains the best score: it is the only one above 100.000 nPoints.

The largest advantage for Beeline, when comparing to its rival, rely in the latency. Its bitrates record a particularly rare symmetry, so much so that its speed is slightly higher for uploading than for downloading! The score gap should be enough to keep its competitors to distance for a while.

KazakhTelecom is the closest challenger of this year’s study.

Indeed, its download speed (42 Mb/s) is quite close to the winner’s one (43 Mb/s).

And its upload speed (30 Mb/s) is in the exact middle between its rivals’, but its time of response is the worst of all, overtaken by TTC.

By the way, and as obvious, its share in our testing panel is obviously particularly large.

TransTelecom ends up in the last position our ranking, after showing the worst bitrates (approx. 20 Mb/s each) and a poor latency too. It will need to seriously improve its results to be able to compete.

In general, the national figures are rather correct, but their progress haven’t been impressive across the last months. Will the beginning of the improvement seen in May and June become sustainable and allow to cross a qualitative threshold?

nPerf offers an Internet speed test application, which can be used for free at Everyone is free to use nPerf to measure the quality of their Internet connection. The panel of this study is formed by our users in Kazakhstan. 

The nPerf study is based on the thousands of tests carried out monthly, exclusively by the operators’ end customers, which makes it the “crowdsourced” study based on one of the largest panels of the country.

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