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Barometer of fixed Internet connections in Moldova

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The subscribers of Orange enjoyed the best broadband performances in Moldova during 2023.

The broadband market in Moldova presents a diverse range of performances among its major Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This analysis focuses on key metrics such as download and upload bitrates, latency, and nPerf scores, which are crucial for evaluating the quality of internet services in terms of user experience.

Orange: the market leader

Orange stands out as the market leader in Moldova’s broadband landscape. It boasts the highest download and upload speeds of 200 Mb/s and 185 Mb/s, respectively, combined with the lowest latency of 16 ms. These impressive figures culminate in the highest nPerf score of 162,552 points, showcasing Orange’s commitment to providing top-tier internet services with superior speed and reliability.

StarNet: the close competitor

StarNet emerges as a strong competitor with notable download and upload speeds of 156 Mb/s and 144 Mb/s, respectively. It matches Orange’s latency at 16 ms, offering a seamless internet experience. With an nPerf score of 156,531 points, StarNet demonstrates its ability to offer high-quality service, closely rivaling the market leader.

Moldtelecom: the robust performer

Moldtelecom shows robust performance with download and upload speeds of 106 Mb/s and 98 Mb/s, respectively. Its latency of 25 ms, while higher than Orange and StarNet, is still competitive. The ISP scores 139,565 points on the nPerf scale, place Moldtelecom on the third place of nPerf ranking.

IDC: potential for growth

IDC, while trailing behind the other ISPs, offers reasonable download and upload speeds of 42 Mb/s and 65 Mb/s, respectively. Its latency of 38 ms and an nPerf score of 113,487 points suggest that while IDC provides a decent service, there is significant room for improvement to match the market’s leaders.


The broadband market in Moldova is marked by a competitive and evolving landscape. ISPs like Orange and StarNet are at the forefront, offering high-speed internet services with low latency, significantly enhancing the user experience. Moldtelecom and IDC, though not at the same level, contribute to the market’s diversity, providing a range of options to consumers.

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