Salt, the best internet performance on fiber networks

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Barometer of Fixed Internet Connections in Switzerland – Year 2018

In 2018, nPerf users have performed 102 660 connection tests on Switzerland’s four largest ISPs. Among these tests, 9 077 have been performed on FTTH networks.

Focus on FTTH networks:

Salt, the best internet performance on fiber networks in 2018

Salt dominates the market in terms of performances on fiber Internet connections thanks to its first place on latency, download speed and upload speed. These results are due to a very good choice of technology. By choosing 10 Gbps technology, Salt is sure to deliver the best internet performance. Other Internet providers are penalized by a marketing segmentation. Indeed, Salt is the only provider who delivers symmetric 10 Gbps broadband.Note also that, if the performance is far from the theorical one, it’s because customers don’t have yet the equipment (powerful chipset, ethernet cable, new generation of Wi-Fi…) that allows them to reach 10 Gbps.

Swisscom, a nice second place

Thanks to an excellent upload speed and a very good latency, the largest ISP in Switzerland reaches the second place in our ranking.

We have voluntary excluded Quickline from this FTTH study because of a too small volume of tests.


About nPerf

nPerf offers an Internet speed test application, which can be used for free at

The results obtained are subject to automatic and manual checks to avoid duplication and to rule out possible abusive or fraudulent use (massive tests, robots …).

To ensure maximum user bandwidth at all times, nPerf relies on a network of servers dedicated to this task. These servers are located with hosts in Switzerland and abroad.

Switzerland providers are welcome to install nPerf servers, that’s free!

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