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Barometer of fixed​ Internet connections in Thailand

2021 Report​

Between January 1st, 2021 and December 31st, 2021, nPerf users have made 12 964 709 connection tests on Thailand’s largest ISPs​

🏆 True Online provided the best fixed Internet performances in 2021 🏆

Our analysis

The last year, the download speed in this country grew by 25% and reached 285 Mb/s. The upload speed increased in turn a little faster (+39%), and settled around 208 Mb/s. Those are important average figures, which is encouraging for the year to come!

If the previous year-to-year average improvement was spectacular, the last one has been very positive too, for the mainstream fixed Internet users in Thailand.

Thus, Thai ISPs played again in the big league in 2021, like some European ISPs, for example.

True Online wins the fixed Internet performances’ race for the second year in a row

True Online globally dominates the market, in terms of performances on fixed Internet connections. After the brilliant 2020 results and progression on the download speed, 3BB doesn’t allow this win to be repeated, while True shows the weakest enhancing in 2021. True Online remains the champion regarding the upload speed, and the latency (together with AIS). Unlike the last year, True Online is the ISP that has improved its performances the less since 2020.

AIS takes comfort by sharing the victory on the global latency

It’s the first time that Thai carriers have delivered such an outstanding average latency, with a couple of them below the symbolic threshold of 10 ms… AIS, like the years before, would be a suitable network for satisfying the gamers! Nonetheless, True Online records an impressive progression (16%) in this field, slightly overtakes AIS and reaches the first place like its competitor.

3BB consolidates its second place and gets closer to the leader

Indeed, this carriers has shown the strongest results enhancement of all, so the distance to the leader has been shortened by around 1 800 nPoints. 3BB made serious efforts, especially on the throughputs. The gap is narrow, True Online should be careful about that from now on.

All technologies combined, 3BB delivered the best average download speed (332.15 Mb/s) to its subscribers in 2021.

Concerning the FTTH, True Online offered the best internet performances of the country to its subscribers

In 2021, among the 12 964 709 fixed tests done, 6 378 525 were on FTTH networks.

True Online doesn’t comfortably dominate the situation anymore, like in 2020: despite its challenging win on the nPerf score against 3BB, thanks to its very nice latency, it has been unquestionably overtaken by 3BB in the race for the download and upload speeds.

The 2021 figures are simply great in general, and all the carriers reasonably improved their results. For example, AIS takes benefit of the slowdown of True Online, and stays at the third place, but much closer to the leaders than before. TOT and CAT stay far behind as usual.

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