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Salt, the best fixed Internet performances in Switzerland

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Barometer of fixed Internet connections in Switzerland

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Our analysis

In 2022, in Switzerland, nPerf users performed 52,830 connection tests on the four fixed networks of the country’s largest ISPs.

During this year, the Swiss population was able to enjoy an average download bitrate of 247 Mb/s, rising to 151 Mb/s. With such Internet bitrates, Swiss homes are among the best connected in Europe.

On average, bitrates have increased by 25% in one year!

Salt offered the best Internet performance in the country to its subscribers.

Salt dominated the market in terms of Internet performance on fixed networks thanks to its occupying first place in terms of download bitrates (+ 600 Mb/s!) and upload bitrates (+ 470 Mb/s!), as well as excellent latency on its network (10 ms!).

Its bitrates of several hundred Mb/s are the result of a mostly fiber network, but also of a very good technological choice of equipping its network with equipment compatible with 10 Gb/s.

Moreover, its competitors are at a disadvantage due to the segmentation of their commercial offers, which Salt has not decided to do by offering a single symmetrical 10 Gb/s bandwidth to all its fiber subscribers.

Swisscom still occupies second place.

Thanks to good bitrates and latency, Swisscom is still in second place in the overall ranking, all technologies combined, but it will have to pay attention to Sunrise, which improved more in 2022.

Sunrise, in third place.

The new group, with a download bitrate close to 235 Mb/s, is catching up with Swisscom by improving its latency by 10%.

Regarding Internet performance on fiber networks, Salt is also largely in the lead relative to its competitors. 

Salt provided its subscribers with the best average fiber download bitrate (833 Mb/s) of 2022.

nPerf, a french company, is one of the main leaders of telecom networks crowdsource testing.

nPerf uses its community of users in Switzerland performing tests on their fixed connections with the nPerf speed test. – Facebook Linkedin Twitter – We qualify your connection

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