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ARCEP Togo chooses nPerf for its data management

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ARCEP Togo, the independent administrative authority overseeing the telecommunications sector, plays a crucial role in regulating telecommunications within the country. Operating independently from political and economic influences, ARCEP Togo holds key responsibilities, including managing authorized operators, issuing network authorizations, overseeing resource management, and safeguarding consumer interests.

Their challenges

In the digital age, Internet connectivity is akin to necessities like water and electricity. Telecommunications regulators such as ARCEP Togo bear the responsibility of driving the development and accessibility of telecom infrastructure across the nation. However, ensuring effective oversight poses significant challenges, particularly concerning the quality of service, network coverage, equipment deployment, and alignment between commercial promises and customer experiences.

The nPerf solutions

nPerf offers tailored solutions to address these challenges faced by regulatory bodies like ARCEP Togo:

  1. nPerf Analytics: Leveraging crowdsourced data from Togolese users, nPerf provides real-time insights into the country’s network performance. With comprehensive test results covering download and upload speeds, latency, streaming, and browsing, ARCEP Togo gains valuable visibility into network conditions.
  2. nPerf Custom Mobile App: ARCEP Togo introduced “MyPerf ARCEP Togo,” a speed test application for Android and iOS platforms. This customizable app not only assesses service quality but also serves as a direct communication channel between users and the regulator, facilitating feedback and complaint submission.
  3. nPerf Fleet: Equipped with professional drive test tools, ARCEP Togo conducts field measurements to complement crowdsourced data. This flexible solution allows for customizable settings and meets the regulatory standards set by ARCEP France.
  4. nPerf Probes:
    Probes for Optical Access Nodes: nPerf Probes, installed in optical access nodes, continuously monitor fixed-line networks, ensuring round-the-clock testing and remote management.
    Probes for End-Users: Deployed on users’ internet routers, these probes collect data on service quality, providing insights into the end-user experience.

In conclusion, nPerf’s comprehensive suite of solutions enables ARCEP Togo to monitor network quality effectively. By harnessing mobile apps, drive test tools, crowdsourced data, and probes, ARCEP Togo empowers itself to address the evolving challenges of enhancing telecom infrastructure and ensuring superior service delivery.

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