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True Move best mobile carrier on Internet services

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Barometer of Mobile Internet Connections in Thailand – Year 2019

In 2019, nPerf users has made 1.7 million connection tests with nPerf mobile app (iOS, Android).

*** True Move H best mobile carrier on Internet services ***

True Move is at the first place in our ranking 4 years in a row! With a score of 63.662 nPoints, True Move stays ahead AIS, number two, and dtac, number 3.

This year True Move didn’t let any chance to its competitors. Indeed, he won the battle in the most important categories:

  • Best download speed with 23.5 Mb/s
  • Best upload speed with 13.2 Mb/s
  • Best browsing performance with a performance rate 57%
  • Best streaming performance with a performance rate of 82%

Despite an average kick-off in early 2019, True increased in a impressive way its performances from August. Indeed, for this time, its download speed nearly increased by 50% leaving its competitors behind for all.

* AIS best 4G connection rate and best latency *

AIS is at the second position in our ranking and makes the difference on 4G networks. Indeed, the operator has the best connection rate in 4G with 92.2%, which means that AIS customers are more often connected in 4G than True Move or dtac ones. Furthermore, AIS is the operator with the best latency performance, a very important criterion for gamers.

dtac returns to third place

The mobile carrier is still penalized by a bad upload speed, a too high latency and never wins on a category except on the best global success rate.

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