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2degrees, Best Fixed Internet Performance in New Zealand

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​Barometer of Fixed Internet Connections in New Zealand 
H2 2019 – H1 2020

During the last 2 semesters, nPerf users conducted 48,151 connection tests on New Zealand’s five largest Internet Service Providers.

*** 2degrees, the best fixed Internet performance during the last 2 semesters *** 

2degrees dominates the market in terms of performance of fixed Internet connections by being first on download (212 Mb/s) and upload (146 Mb/s) speed tests and in second position on latency tests.

The average download speed in New Zealand was 119 Mb/s during the last 2 semesters.

Above graph illustrates the ability of providers to maintain a constant download speed over the period regardless of network load (number of connected end-users). 

Globally, all ISP’s slightly improved their download speed throughout the period.

On the other hand, Slingshot/Orcon is still quite far behind the leader in average over the period, is getting closer to 2degrees regularly. A great battle in perspective for 2020!

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