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Maxis provided the Best Mobile Internet Performance

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Barometer of Mobile Internet Connections in Malaysia – 2020 Report

From January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, nPerf users have performed 296,755 tests with nPerf mobile app in Malaysia.

The nPerf score goal reflects the customer experience. It is based on the five most important KPI’s (download speed, upload speed, latency, streaming and browsing). 

🏆 Maxis provided the Best Mobile Internet Performance in 2020 🏆

Results, all cellular generations combined, from tests performed on 4G-compatible terminals.

Maxis always in first position

In 2020, Maxis has provided the fastest Internet connections on mobile networks in Malaysia. With an average download speed close to 15 Mb/s, Maxis is quite far ahead from its competitors, indeed, the second one is DiGi with 12 Mb/s. 

Concerning the upload connections, Maxis is also in first position with more than 6 Mb/s.

The operator also offered the best streaming performances to its subscribers and is in second position on latency and browsing performances

Unifi, for its part, offered the best latency and browsing performances to its subscribers too. 


For now Maxis does not have to worry about its rivals if the operator maintains its speeds as currently.

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