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Viettel chooses nPerf Fleet to troubleshoot their networks

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Viettel Telecom is a Vietnamese telecommunications company. The group has more than 20 subsidiary companies running different types of business. It is the largest telecommunications service provider in Vietnam with 76 million customers and 120 million around the world.


For years, the company has used another speed test tool to measure their networks quality. However, they wanted a tool which helps them to assess the customer experience as well thanks to advanced features such as streaming and browsing tests.


nPerf Fleet is a professional drive test tool designed to troubleshoot and optimize telecom operators’ network infrastructure. nPerf Fleet measures download and upload speed, latency, and the Internet quality-of-experience (browsing and streaming tests) with more than 150 KPIs collected.

A flexible tool for field troubleshooting

Thanks to nPerf Fleet, operators can automatize tests; schedule them if needed, geolocate field technicians in real-time and set up all the parameters for testing scripts directly from our online portal.

A comprehensive and user-friendly online portal for live visualization

nPerf is data oriented with real-time monitoring and geolocation, which means each test run by a field technician is live updated on the online portal, called the Cockpit. As an easy-to-use tool, users can directly extract raw data for network optimization.


nPerf Fleet helps reduce drive testing time especially when it comes to reporting and training time for field technicians.

Viettel Telecom’s continuous improvement of network quality (thus, their customer experience) has cemented their position in the competitive market in Vietnam and in the whole world.

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